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Written by UTInfo, Aug 02 2016 at 19:35

information FrozenSand has included Instant Giblets in the latest version of Urban Terror 4!

Instagib is a fast paced alternative for each and every gametype. When turned on, all players get the same and brand new sniper rifle with one-hit-kills only!

Special Weapon

Introducing the TOD-50:

Instagib exclusive weapon.
Comes with unlimited clips of ammo.
A 50 caliber semi-automatic long range sniper rifle with two modes of operation, scoped and unscoped.

1Scoped, sniper rifle mode, the TOD-50 behaves like the SR8 or PSG1.
2Unscoped, it fires fully automatically with a rather large delay.


Booting no longer deals damage, one-hit-kills, only available gun: the TOD-50, unlimited ammunition and unlimited stamina.


g_instagib "1" // affects all gametypes (1=on, 0=off).

Read a little more about InstaGib in the manual.

urt Urban Terror 4.3 will be released when it's ready... Watch this space not to miss it!
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Dec 18 2015 at 16:49


6.12.2015 KW1 - Christmas Mod - Oh, Chistmastree!

The Kernwaffe Team wishes you all a merry christmas time!

Away from the joyful things which the pre-christmas time might bring us,
on KW1 there will be running the much-loved and extremely appreciated and multiply desired ChristmasMod. From St.Nicholas Day (6.12) on until the New Years Day (1.1). You will find handpicked & well-chosen Christmas Maps in accompany with a full atmosphere of first class christmassy sound snippets.

!lastchristmas we gave you our hearts,
this year there will be a Tännchen (!attention) - !hohoho

In case some of you don´t like all this X-Mas hustle and bustle for various reasons, join like-minded people on KW2 for a collective (un-XMassy) fragging - without ChristmasMod!
KW2 has the same settings and the same campaign like KW1 in this time.

In any way ...
... we wish you a merry time & nice play!

... we are looking forward to you :)

This year with incredibly more tinsel!

Yours KW-Team

connect ...
KW1 et.kernwaffe.de
KW2 et2.kernwaffe.de

Hugs ANO
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ETKey.org Banner
Written by UTInfo, May 15 2016 at 20:37


While 2016's first season finals are still to be played, where we have for the first time in Urban Terror's history, no European team in a league or cup's grand final, the Urban Zone League just opened the signups for the upcoming up season.

Once again, teams will be able to face one another in Bomb & Defuse, Capture The Flag or Team Survivor.

Take a glance at the signups; some very promising and old school teams have signed up again.

The show will be at the rendezvous !

Divisions will be supervised by experienced league Administrators and Referees who are always willing to lend a hand and answer any questions that you may have, they can be reached via PM on the site, through the Quakenet IRC channel #Urban-Zone or now on Discord !

Seasons 27/20/12 will be the last ones before the awaiting hot summer and the traditional Summer Cup.

Signups are open until May the 20th 2016, so make sure your team is enrolled and ready to play! (Only 3 spots left for BOMB league already)

» read more on UTInfo
Written by UTInfo, Apr 13 2016 at 17:51


Years after shutting its doors, FTWGL is back for another season of Urban Terror!

The site is still in development and bugs are being fixed. Their forums are up at forums.ftwgl.com

Signups are open for both Team Survivor and Capture the Flag.

Please note that the registration deadline for teams in both CTF and TS is May 5th!

Sunday, May 1st CTF preseason,
Tuesday, May 3rd TS preseason,
Thursday, May 5th Registration Deadline for Teams,
Sunday, May 8th Week 1 CTF,
Tuesday, May 10th Week 1 TS

Visit ftwgl.com for further information! Feel free to join #ftwgl on IRC or to PM Solitary, Callisto and/or Arexo for additional help. Stay tuned for more information!
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Written by UTInfo, Mar 19 2016 at 18:25


Sunday the 27th of March at 15:00 CET, Urban Zone will be hosting a KNOCKOUT tournament. The event will be streamed on twitch.tv/urbanzone and the reigning Crimzon will be defending his belt.

It's been over a year now since the last edition, and as France just won NationsCup XIX with flying colours, Urban Terror's eSport scene needs some more challenges in the go!

Competition wise as an event KnockOut is two hours of non-stop action where rules of fair play become a suggestion and where rules are broken by but not limited to shoutcasters narcing out campers as well as players not able to handle the pressure and intentionally lemming off of tall buildings if just for the shear entertainment value. Nothing better than participating or watching the broadcast to get a good picture. :)

How can you sign up?

Signups will be done through the Urban Zone website, this news post has all the details. The first 15 to reply to this news post get a spot. If you aren’t one of the lucky fifteen, don't get discouraged and sign up anyway – some people always drop out and you can take up their place.

Please find more information on Urban Zone KNOCKOUT tournaments here.
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Written by UTInfo, Mar 11 2016 at 15:22


This coming Sunday on March 13, 2016 the Finals are on deciding which Nation is best of the XIX's NationsCup of Urban Terror. urt

You can follow it all Live by stream on www.urt-tv.org.

Bronze Final

Sun 13 March at 22:00 CET

Maps: Kingdom TS and Austria TS

information Match Page

Belgium: Kaitoss, Locati, Nephilim, Rocket, Sheyin, Smiez
Portugal: Aerox, Adrix, Divine, Magnesium, Rafii, Rivall, Saidex

Grand Final

Sun 13 March at 21:00 CET

Maps: Algiers CTF and Tohunga CTF

information Match Page

France: Bend, Biddle, Breuxe, mxe, Shanfara, Simca, Zmb
Poland: Arhi, Beretka, ibot, Kako, Kajtec, Krathos, Niedzwiedz, Splatt, Szejdi,


You can find all of this year's Nations Cup Highlights and full matches that were streamed in this playlist, including the full match of both semifinals.

Same goes for the news coverage made by The Urban Times, please find here any content they posted related to this Nation's Cup.
» read more on UTInfo
Written by UTInfo, Mar 06 2016 at 01:00

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Urban Terror 4.3, we would like to offer a short overview of what the community should expect from it. Firstly, however, we would like to add, in a bit of a gloomy state of mind, that with the release to come we will bade farewell to urtUrban Terror 4 and ioQuake! Since the future releases will be developed using the new Unreal Engine and will bear a new name, we expect 4.3 to represent the final Urban Terror 4.x release, as well as the final one using the venerable ioQuake engine.

The Urban Terror 4.3 release will be focusing on introducing a new game mode, a bunch of new weapons, along with various other additions and improvements.

What's happening to the maps ?

The default map list was pruned for this 4.3 Urban Terror release. More specifically, the test maps, the third-party maps, as well as those maps which proved to be seldom played within the community were removed from the default installation package. Of course, they can always be downloaded separately by those who grew to appreciate or perform well when playing them.
maps: AbbeyCTF, Ambush, Commune, Company, Crossing, Harbortown, Horror, Maya, Prague_v2, Snoppis, Toxic, Tunis
As with every aspect of Urban Terror, we expect each of the listed maps to have nostalgic supporters. We apologize to those who could be disappointed and kindly ask them to download them separately from map repos now.

In order to avoid downloading an unnecessary custom map to play Kingdom in TS mode, the official version of the map has been updated with the RC6 layout in the said gametype. The new level benefits from the latest graphic improvements realised along with new music added in the tavern area.
You can enjoy a quick preview of the update throughout this short clip:

More to come regarding the new game mode and other improvements in 4.3. Stay tuned!
» read more on UTInfo
Written by UTInfo, Feb 26 2016 at 09:53


While the Nations' Cup is subtly reaching the exciting stage of the bronze and grand finals, the Urban Zone League announced this weekend the opening of their regular season signups.

Once again, teams will be able to face one another in Bomb & Defuse, Capture The Flag or Team Survivor.

Take a glance at the signups; some very promising and old school teams have signed up already.

The show will be at the rendezvous !

Divisions will be supervised by experienced league Administrators and Referees who are always willing to lend a hand and answer any questions that you may have, they can be reached via PM on the site, or through the Quakenet IRC channel #Urban-Zone

Seasons 26/19/11 might be the first ones played on the new urtUrban Terror 4.3.

Signups are open until March the 6th 2016, so make sure your team is enrolled and ready to play! (Only 5 spots left for BOMB league already)

» read more on UTInfo
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Written by UTInfo, Feb 20 2016 at 19:48


On the 27th and 28th February 2016, the BST Team will be inviting you to enjoy this year's UrT Weekend adventure.

The event is open to the entire community with the goal of gathering as many players as possible, in order to have fun, meet new people and meet old friends.

On these days, players will be able to join freely six different Urban Terror servers with multiple game types.
You can vote for your favourite modes here.

Last year over 600 players joined the event, let's see if we can smash the record this year!
BOMB: connect urt2.bsturt.info:27965
CTF: connect urt.bsturt.info:27962
TDM: connect urt.bsturt.info
TS: connect urt2.bsturt.info:27963
TS SR8 Only: connect urt2.bsturt.info:27964
JUMP: connect urt.bsturt.info:27961
» read more on UTInfo
Written by UTInfo, Jan 09 2016 at 21:30


No need for fussing or fighting, dear friends, community news and gossip will be available to all !

If you're an Urban Terror fan then you should love what's coming next...

Starting fresh in 2016: The Urban Times

This blog’s sole purpose is to reach out to every Urban Terror player and provide them with entertaining content about their favorite game, much like the dailynade, the pwninja project or the vijfzegen.nl websites used to do.
You should expect match reports, interviews, strategy articles, gossip and much more.

Go check it out now at urtimes.net; the first articles have been published this week. You're also all invited to join the blog's IRC channel #urtimes so you'll be the first ones to know when an article comes out.

For those of you interested in getting involved with the blog, the newly born project team is looking for all sorts of talents (news writers, video editors, etc), drop a mail to urtimes.blog (at) gmail.com or PM Azle.
» read more on UTInfo
Written by UTInfo, Dec 16 2015 at 23:08


Ladies and gentlemen,

It’s been a rocket launch of a ride thus far this year and it seems that even more things are en route for us soon. Urban Terror 4.3 is imminent while its last screws are getting tightened; we've seen a hell of a progress on HD with the new Dev Blogs; two new coders have joined the team: Zenity and Gost0r to help with porting Urban Terror onto the Unreal Engine 4; and finally Vladocs who will be crafting us appealing weapon models, is in the loop of joining the dev team also.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been one year already since the last Nations Cup took place. It seems as though it was just yesterday that frFrance managed to defeat ptPortugal on Orbital with a lead of five little rounds.

frFrance has now scored its hattrick and we are all awaiting to see if they will manage to beat the nlNetherlands' record this year and win four Nations Cups in a row.

We will be going through the captain designation process in the UZ forums in a few days. Note that players are still in time and free to apply to become the captain of their country, but competition experience is, of course, expected (find more info on the UZ). The NC staff is also looking for people ready to help them in the organization (GTV cameraman, newswriter, etc). So please step up if you want to help!

Urban Terror's most awaited competition will be running after the following schedule:

December 07 - Captain applications launched
December 20 - End of Captain applications / Start of the captain's vote stage
January 01 - End of Voting stage, Captains announcement
January 03 - Groups published
January 10 - Start of the first match week

Stay tuned for streams from our own SevenofNine!
» read more on UTInfo
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Written by UTInfo, Sep 18 2015 at 22:42


To help speed up new releases of Urban Terror we want gamers who like to live on the edge and test Open Betas and Pre-releases of our beloved game!

If you wish to test and give feedback during the development of new features or if you want to help with debugging new versions before they are officially released, please join us on the new forum dedicated to open betas and pre-releases!

If these Open Betas are proven to be successful we might as well expand them to Urban Terror HD in order to allow mappers and curious players to test early versions of our new game.

We will start today with the release of Urban Terror 4.3.0 Release Candidate 2, please click on the link below for more information:

Urban Terror 4.3.0 Release Candidate 2
» read more on UTInfo
Written by UTInfo, Sep 03 2015 at 13:38


Are you ready to test your skills? The Urban Zone League has opened sign ups for:

CTF League - Season 25
TS League - Season 18
BOMB League - Season 10

As always the Urban Zone League welcomes new and existing teams to join the diverse roster of competitors for the upcoming season. UZL plans to bring LIVE coverage of many key games as well as prompting debate over shock results and key matches from the world of Urban Terror!

Divisions will be supervised by experienced league Administrators and Referees who are always willing to lend a hand and answer any questions that you may have, they can be reached via the PM function on the site, or through the Quakenet IRC channel #Urban-Zone

UZL Season 25/18/10 is said to be the very last season on urtUrban Terror 4.2. There will also be the opportunity to play or watch great Clan Wars with the second Urban Terror Master Series taking place this season!

Signups are open until 20 September 2015 so make sure your team is enrolled and ready to play!

» read more on UTInfo
Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Feb 26 2015 at 17:42

Hi folks,
tomorrow, 26th feb., all our services will be down for server maintenance.
(This includes wolffiles.de and etkey.org)

"Ken Thompson (sitting) and Dennis Ritchie at PDP-11 (2876612463)" by Peter Hamer - Ken Thompson (sitting)-&-Dennis Ritchie at PDP-11Uploaded by Magnus Manske. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
http ://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ken_Thompson_(sitting)_and_Dennis_Ritchie_at_PDP-11_(2876612463).jpg#mediaviewer/File:Ken_Thompson_(sitting)_and_Dennis_Ritchie_at_PDP-11_(2876612463).jpg

Hopefully the downtime will only be short (keep the finger crossed)
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Written by UTInfo, Aug 14 2015 at 01:00

FrozenSand is celebrating the grand opening of the Urban Terror Goodies shop!

Now you will be able to get your very own T-shirts, mugs, caps and other items with your favourite game's iconic urt three-bullet logo! We will be adding more items upon demand. You can also customize and make your own designs for your team or family.

The shop is powered by Spreadshirt and is available in several languages. FrozenSand will use all proceeds from the shop for the game we love.

Forget Amazon, check out our store!
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