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Information and settings about the serverlist
Some consideration about the permanentfilter:
The permanentfilter is always active, no need to turn it on. If you have the feeling to get not enough servers in result than remove some filter-criteria. You will find detailed help in our Wiki.
Number of shown servers:
Number of servers per page.
Filtering according to player-number
Maximum number of player:
show only server with maximal player...
Show full servers:
Yes No
Minimum number of player:
show only server with minimum player...
Show empty servers:
Yes No
Filtering of serverproperties
Passworded Servers
not filtered
Balanced Teams
not filtered
Friendly Fire
not filtered
Bots on Server
not filtered
Capture the flag (73 Servers)
not filtered
Team Death Match (55 Servers)
not filtered
Team Survivor (46 Servers)
not filtered
Free for all (30 Servers)
not filtered
Bomb & Defuse (6 Servers)
not filtered
Capture and hold (2 Servers)
not filtered
Follow the Leader (1 Servers)
not filtered
ioUrT (216 Servers)
not filtered
ET 2.60 (1 Servers)
not filtered
Filtering according to server-origin
Europe (76 Servers)
not filtered
World (72 Servers)
not filtered
North America (57 Servers)
not filtered
South America (5 Servers)
not filtered
Oceania (3 Servers)
not filtered
Asia (3 Servers)
not filtered
Africa (1 Servers)
not filtered
Following servers will be displayed: only servers from Italy
Name or IP address:
  Show mod:
# Game Ranked Server Name Map Player   Mod: Properties Status Ping
1 (0 rp) ioUrT Server not ranked
BST| TDM 4.3
ut4_algiers 4 (+1) / 18+2 q3urt43  ONLINE  
2 (0 rp) ioUrT Server not ranked
FUNCAMP hobohouse EU
ut4_commune_bots 0 (+7) / 12+4 q3urt43  ONLINE  
3 (0 rp) ioUrT Ranking enabled for this server
-=S&D=-ITALY TS 4.3
ut4_austria 0 / 11+5 q3urt43  IDLE  
4 (0 rp) ioUrT Ranking enabled for this server
Quad.# server @gamezoo.it
ut4_turnpike 0 / 12+2 q3urt43  DOWN  

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